Travis Mills

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Travis Mills

Birth Date: 1982

Nationality: USA

First Jump: May 2001

Total Jumps: 13,500+

Home DZ: Skydive Arizona (AZ)

Licenses/Ratings: D-27249, AFFI, Coach and PRO Exhibition Rating

Performance Designs, Flight-1, Sun Path, Airtec, Alti-2, Liquid Sky

Flight-1 Instructor

Motocross, Wake Skating, Wake Surfing and Hiking

Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 79, Peregrine 67

Container: Javelin

Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 113

AAD: Cypres

Helmet: Cookie

Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky

Altimeter: Alti-2

Total Skydives: 13,500+

Freefly: 3,500

Hop-n-Pops: 2,500

Camera: 5,700

Cutaways: 5

Date Competition Location Event Result
2016 US Nationals (VFS) 2nd
2016 Swoop Challenge 12th
2015 US Nationals (VFS) 2nd
2015 US Nationals (CP) Overall 14th
2013 US Nationals (VFS) 2nd
2012 Mondial World Championship (Freestyle) 4th
2012 US Nationals (Freestyle) 1st
2011 US Nationals (Freestyle) 1st
2011 US Nationals (VFS) 5th
2011 World Cup of Skydiving (Freestyle) 4th
2010 US Nationals (Freestyle) 1st
2010 US Nationals (VFS) 5th
2010 World Championship (Freestyle) 3rd
2010 World Championship (VFS) 2nd
2009 US Nationals (Freestyle) 3rd
2009 World Cup of Skydiving (Freestyle) 3rd
2009 Skydive AZ Swoop Club Overall 1st
2008 US Nationals (VFS) 3rd
2008 US Nationals (VFS) 1st
2008 World Championship (Freestyle) 10th

Photo credits (from top to bottom): Jacob Crooch, Jason Moledzki, Courtesy of Swoop Freestyle