The PD Factory Team

The PD Factory Team is a sports team of highly experienced canopy pilots who have set out to bring high-speed precision canopy flight to the masses, in a way never before seen.

Utilizing the latest high-performance Performance Designs parachutes – those used by a very small, experienced percentage of skydivers worldwide – PD Factory Team pilots can perform high-G spiraling maneuvers capable of achieving speeds in excess of 80 mph, then pull out of the dive into level flight mere inches above the surface for distances of several hundred feet, and still deliver a soft, stand-up landing at the end of it all.

Meet the Team


Imagine the possibilities beyond the known boundaries of human flight.


Trust in ourselves, our teammates, and our vision.


Work together to overcome all obstacles towards a common goal.


Empower others to push their own limits and make their dreams a reality.

Photos from top to bottom: Justin Price (by Jim Harris), PD Factory Team Flock (by JC Colclasure), Justin Price & Travis Mills (By D Squared)