Armando Fattoruso

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Armando Fattoruso

Birth Date: 1985

Nationality: Italy

First Jump: February 2001

Total Jumps: 8,000+

Home DZ: Skydive Spain (Sevilla)

Licenses/Ratings: D-34893, Coach, AFF-I T-I

Performance Designs, Flight-1, Sun Path, Airtec, Cookie Composites, Alti-2, Liquid Sky

PD Factory Team Pilot

BS in Architecture

Bike riding, reading novels, watching movies and TV series, traveling

Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 79, Peregrine 67/71

Container: Javelin Odyssey

Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126

AAD: Cypres 2

Helmet: Cookie G3

Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky

Altimeter: Alti-2

Total Skydives: 8,000+

Freefly: 500

RW/FS: 500

Hop-n-Pops: 1500

Camera: 1500

Other: 2000 Tandem, 1000 AFF

Cutaways: 8 (2 Tandem)

Date Competition Location Event Result
2017 World Cup (CP) Dubai Overall 9th
2017 Italian Championship (CP) Italy Zone Acc 1st
2017 Italian Championship (CP) Italy Distance 1st
2017 Italian Championship (CP) Italy Speed 1st
2016 Italian Championship (CP) Italy Overall 1st
2016 French Championship (CP) France Overall 3rd
2015 Italian Championship (CP) Italy Overall 2nd
2015 World Cup (CP) Overall 13th
2015 European Championship (CP) Overall 4th
2015 Wag (CP) Overall 7th
2014 Australian Championship (CP) Overall 8th
2014 Italian Championship (CP) Overall 8th
2014 Italian Championship (CP) Overall 8th
2014 World Championship (CP) Overall 21st

Photo credits (from top to bottom): Mordace, Jason Moledzki, Javier Buzz Ortiz