Performance Designs, our title sponsor, is a world-class parachute manufacturer designing wings of excellence, providing the highest quality product through pride and integrity to ensure product reliability with unsurpassed dedication to their customer’s needs.

We are dreamers, creators, testers, and producers.  Driven by a true love for skydiving and an insatiable curiosity for possibility in parachute design, we’ve delivered revolutionary canopies and unrivaled customer service for over 30 years.  Our sport will never stop evolving. Neither will we. #DreamOfFlight

Flight-1 is committed to raising the standard of canopy flight through determination, discipline, and dedication to learning. As the leading provider of canopy coaching and instruction in the sport of skydiving, Flight-1 works with canopy pilots of all experience levels around the globe. Over three thousand skydivers in more than 25 different countries go through a Flight-1 course each year.

Sun Path Products is dedicated to offering the finest parachuting equipment for both the sport and military markets. Continuous research, development, and testing coupled with equipment evaluation by some of the most exceptional skydivers in the world position Sun Path Products to be one of the foremost skydiving equipment manufacturers in the global market.

CYPRES, which is the acronym of “CYbernetic Parachute RElease System”, is an automatic activation device, which meets all needs and wishes of today’s skydivers. CYPRES units have saved more than 1000 skydivers to date.

Cookie Composites have been building skydiving helmets, camera mounts and helmet accessories since 2001. They are constantly evaluating the latest digital video equipment to determine which ones are suitable for our skydiving needs so they can build custom mounting solutions.

Alti-2 are industry leaders in design & manufacture of state-of-the-art visual and audible skydiving instruments for both sport and military parachutists.

LiquidSky is an action sports clothing brand that has been making skydiving and wind tunnel suits since 2004. Their facilities have state-of-the-art equipment that can dye sublimate (print) fabric and can customize garments, hats, shirts, as well as print large format graphics.


Banner photo: Justin Price; Photo credit: Phreshair