“It’s like the lotto but you can’t use your winnings on a jet ski,” says Justin Price, member of PD Factory Team.

Entering its sixth year, the PD Factory Team gear raffle offers a chance to win “all the gear, all custom, all yours”. With prizes from your favorite skydiving manufacturers, winning can mean getting fully outfitted from top to bottom with brand new EVERYTHING. We’re talking about a main and reserve, jumpsuit, helmet, altimeter, AAD, container, and more.

Last year, Darren Tan from Singapore won. Tan, who was thinking of quitting the sport due to funds, decided to give the raffle a go. “I was literally shaking and yelling silently in my head (as I was in a crowded train headed to work) when I heard my name got announced as the grand prize winner!” says Tan. “The whole experience was surreal. PDFT was amazing and very patient and accommodating throughout the whole process.”

To help bolster raffle ticket sales last year, Price did a freestyle skydive to Swan Lake. Pablo Hernandez got egged in the sky while Ian Bobo and Travis Mills slapped each other across the faces.

This year, expect to see more fun (and probably embarrassing) things come from the team. And if you have any suggestions on what the team should do this year, send them over to Sky God so he can vet your ideas.

Tickets are $60 (and $50 for every additional ticket purchased). There are only 1000 tickets available and the raffle is open to the entire world. Buy your tickets here. And “may the odds be ever in your favor!”