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Jason Moledzki

Jason Moledzki

  • Birth Date: 1973
  • Nationality: Canada
  • First Jump: 1994
  • Total Jumps: 13,800
  • Home DZ: Skydive Deland (FL)
D-20334, Tandem, AFF, PRO rating, Bird-Man Instructor
Performance Designs, Flight-1, Sun Path, Airtec, Cookie Composites, Alti-2, Liquid Sky, Adrenaline BASE, Flysight
PD Factory Team Pilot, Flight-1 Instructor, Pro Canopy Pilot, Pro BASE jumper, Coach, Test Pilot, Aerial photographer/ videographer
Kennesaw State University, Montana State University
Music and DJ mixing, Computers, photography, outdoor adventure sports, hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, orienteering, World geography, geology, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, fishing, motorcycles, cooking, rigging, sewing, mechanics, creative thinking
  • Main Canopy: PD Velocity 67/79/96, Peregrine 67/79, Proxy 260
  • Container: Javelin Odyssey
  • Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126
  • AAD: Speed Cypres 2
  • Wingsuit: Pheonix Fly - Vampire RACE, Venom Power
  • Helmet: Cookie G3, Cookie Fuel
  • Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky Suits
  • Altimeter: Alti-2 N3 audible and visual
  • Eyewear: Oakley Designs
  • Total Skydives: Approx 13,800
  • Freefly: 1500+
  • RW/FS: 500
  • Hop-n-Pops: 7500
  • Camera: 1800
  • Large Formation: 100+
  • Test Jumps: 250+
  • Other: 2500 (Wingsuit, helicopter, balloons, biplanes, ultra lights, etc)
  • Cutaways: 8 Intentional, 9 Emergency
  • BASE Jumps: 950+ - 16 years
  • Building: 40
  • Antenna: 130
  • Span: 120
  • Earth: 350
  • Other: 30 (Dams, Cranes, etc.)
  • Wingsuit: 500
  • BASE Rig: Perigee Pro
  • BASE Canopy: Proxy 260
Date Competition Location Event Result
2014 Red Bull Aces (Wingsuit) California, USA Overall 7th
2014 World BASE Race Hellyseylt Overall 3rd
2014 World BASE Race Grydset Overall 3rd
2013 Pro BASE Istanbul Challenge Istanbul Overall 2nd
2013 Pro BASE World Cup Worldwide Overall 6th
2013 World Games Colombia Overall 9th
2012 World Championships - Mondial Dubia Overall 5th
2011 World Cup of Canopy Piloting Russia Overall 3rd
2010 World Championships of Canopy Piloting Russia Overall 1st
2009 World Cup of Canopy Piloting South Africa Overall 1st
2009 World Games Taiwan Overall 1st
2009 World Air Games Torino, Italy Overall 1st
2008 World Championships of Canopy Piloting South Africa Overall 1st
2007 World Cup of Canopy Piloting Australia Overall 1st
2007 PD/FasTrax Challenge Sebastian, FL Overall 1st
2006 European Swoop Tour Finals Holland Overall 1st
2006 European Swoop Tour - Kolomna Russia Overall 1st
2005 Canadian National Championships Canada Overall 1st
2005 World Games (CP) Germany Overall 1st
2004 Spanish Swoop Open Spain Overall 1st
2004 Pro Swooping Tour - Swoop Festival Wildwood, NJ Overall 1st
2004 Pro Swooping Tour - Freestyle Open Perris, CA Overall 1st