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Julien Guiho

Julien Guiho

  • Birth Date: 1982
  • Nationality: French
  • First Jump: June 1998
  • Total Jumps: 12,500+
  • Home DZ: Empuriabrava (Spain)
Coach Rating, IBA Coach
Performance Designs, Flight-1, Airtec, Sunpath, Cookie Composites, Alti-2, Liquidsky
PD Factory Team Pilot, Flight-1 Instructor, Pro Canopy Pilot, Pro VFS Competitor, Pro Tunnel Flyer, Wind Tunnel Coach, Skydiving Coach (all disciplines), Videographer
2 years high school
Kite surfing, speed riding
  • Main Canopy:PD Valkyrie 79/84, Peregrine 64/67/71
  • Container: Javelin Odyssey
  • Reserve Canopy: Optimum 113 and 126
  • AAD: Speed Cypres 2
  • Helmet: Cookie G3, Cookie Fuel
  • Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky Suits
  • Altimeter: Alti-2 N3 audible and visual
  • Eyewear: Oakley Designs
  • Total Skydives: 12500+
  • Freefly: 7500
  • RW/FS: 4000
  • Hop-n-Pops: 400
  • Camera: 4000
  • Other: 500 (Wingsuit, Demos, CReW, AFF, Tandems, Skysurf)
  • Cutaways: 10
Date Competition Location Event Result
2015 World Challenge (2WD) Bedford 2WD 1st
2015 World Air Games (CP) Dubai Team 2nd
2015 World Air Games (CP) Dubai Overall 6th
2015 World Cup of Canopy Piloting (CP) Canada Distance 11th
2015 DISL #2 (CP) Dubai Overall 2nd
2014 World Championships (CP) Zhills, FL Overall 2nd
2014 World Championships (CP) Zhills, FL Distance 3rd
2013 DIPC (CP) Dubai Overall 2nd
2013 DIPC (CP) Dubai Zone Acc 3rd
2013 DIPC (CP) Dubai Distance 3rd
2014 World War XP (D4W) Raeford, NC D4W 1st
2014 World Championships (VFS) Prostejov, CZ VFS 1st
2014 U.S. Open (CP) Florida, USA Overall 5th
2013 Scalaria Swoop Challenge Austria Overall 1st
2013 U.S. Open (CP) Florida, USA Overall 7th
2012 World Championships (VFS) Dubai, UAE VFS 1st
2011 FAI World Cup Canopy Piloting Klatovy, CZ Overall
2010 World Canopy Piloting Championship Kolomna, RU Overall 29th
2010 World Championships (VFS) Menzelinsk, RU VFS 1st
2009 FAI World Cup (VFS) Prostejov, CZ VFS 2nd
World Parachuting Championship(VFS)
Maubeuge, FR
VFS 4th