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Ian Drennan

Ian Drennan

  • Birth Date: 1976
  • Nationality: US citizen born in South Africa
  • First Jump: December 1996
  • Total Jumps: 5000+
  • Home DZ: Skydive the Farm
Performance Designs, Flight-1, Sun Path, Airtec, Cookie Composites, Alti-2, Liquid Sky
PD Factory Team Pilot, Flight-1 Instructor, and Software Engineer
Financial Information Systems - Port Elizabeth Technikon (BS equivalent)
Drumming and working out
  • Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 75, Peregrine 64/67/75
  • Container: Javelin Odyssey
  • Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126
  • AAD: Speed Cypres 2
  • Helmet: Cookie G3, Cookie Fuel
  • Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky Suits
  • Altimeter: Alti-2 N3 Audible and Visual
  • Eyewear: Oakley Designs
  • Total Skydives: 5000+
  • Freefly: 1800
  • RW/FS: 200
  • Hop-n-Pops: 3100
  • Camera: 100
  • Other: 3 (Wingsuit, Demos, CReW, AFF, Tandems, Skysurf)
  • Cutaways: 4
Date Competition Location Event Result
2013 US Nationals (CP) Florida, USA Overall 6th
2013 World Cup (CP) Russia Speed 7th
2013 FLCPA Meet 5 (CP) Georgia, USA Overall 4th
2012 US Nationals (CP) Georgia, USA Overall 10th
2012 Pink Open (CP) Czech Republic Overall 6th
2012 Pink Open (CP) Czech Republic Speed 2nd
2012 World Championships - Mondial (CP) Dubai, UAE Accuracy 20th
2011 German Open (CP) RAPA, Germany Overall 3rd
2011 German Open (CP) RAPA, Germany Speed 3rd
2011 German Open (CP) RAPA, Germany Distance 4th
2011 US Nationals (CP) Texas, USA Overall 15th
2011 PD Big Boy Pants (CP) Colorado, USA Overall 9th
2010 FLCPA Meet 2 (CP) Florida, USA Overall 3rd
2010 FLCAP Season Champions (CP) USA Overall 3rd
2009 World Cup (CP) South Africa Speed 10th
2009 US Nationals (CP) Texas, USA Accuracy 12th